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Consignment Sales Lot Dry Space Also Available | Located At a Premier North Shore Marina


  • 50 years total Boat Sales experience with 3 Full Time Brokers
  • 14 years in the same location
  • Advertising on major MLS systems
  • Experience in negotiating trades
  • 320 Slip Full Service Marina
  • Consignment sales lot with 20,000 cars passing every day
  • 2000+ Successful boat sales with flawless record of fair transactions between Buyers & Sellers
Premier North Point Marina


Long Island Marine Group is introducing a unique program for the presentation of pre-owned boats for sale. Namely, a permanent in-water boat-show-style of display of pre-owned brokerage vessels.

Serious sellers of clean, later-model boats will be able to present their boats in a boat show setting among other similar craft. Exposure is increased dramatically as the public becomes aware of the ability to see a number of similar boats with a variety of different manufacturers being well represented all at the same time.


It is always our goal to achieve the highest sale price within the realistic marketplace. LIMG prides itself on securing the maximum market value for their customers and has a long track record to back it up. This program is not for unrealistic or casual sellers or sellers in the unfortunate situation of not being able to clear their liens at market sale prices.

It is for people who are interested in getting maximum value for their boat in a reasonable period of time from an honest, seasoned, and professional sales team – so that they can take a break from boating or make room in their budget for their next boat.

When it comes to pricing your boat – many brokerage firms will offer completely unrealistic valuations and tell you what you want to hear just to lock you into listing your boat with them. At LIMG, we believe that your time, wallet and intelligence have value. We tell you what you deserve to hear…namely, the truth. 80% of our business is repeat or referral. You get that kind of response by offering customers fair and honest service. And we do. Our listing agreements have no term limit. That has been our policy for over a decade. We can do that because we have confidence in ourselves and in our clients’ desire to sell their boats quickly and for maximum market value.

A great many sellers make the grave error of offering their boats at inflated prices, lowering them only to ultimately sell their boat months and years later for much less than what they could have sold it for to begin with. Taking into account the depreciation (often 20-30% per year) and the carrying costs of mortgage payment, summer slip payment, bottom painting, repair, maintenance, upgrades, insurance, winterization, winter storage and shrink wrap – it becomes obvious why trying to sell the boat promptly benefits the seller immensely. As a result – our customers enjoy faster sales and put more money in their pocket.


1) Boats that have had a recent survey (within 2 years) will receive a complimentary basic inspection. The inspection is to ensure that all systems are operating properly and that there will be no surprises at the time of survey/sale. For boats without a recent survey a one time $9/foot inspection survey is required. A brief bay test is also required of all in-water slip clients to confirm proper engine and systems performance. Deficiencies must be repaired or asking price adjusted to accommodate the deficiences if discovered.

2) Boats must be kept in clean and presentable condition at all times with personal effects properly stowed and kept to a minimum. The owner may elect to do this themselves or request the detailing option at modest cost.

3) Initial pricing is determined co-operatively between Seller and Broker. In the event that inquiries and offers on the vessel are not forthcoming both parties agree cooperatively to adjust pricing until it is at a level that results in sufficient inquiries and subsequent offers. Both parties will review pricing and inquiry levels on a biweekly basis. Should there be a disagreement on necessary price adjustment and/or the Seller decides not to actively pursue the sale of the boat as decided by the broker or rejects a legitimate offer as decided by the broker – the period of free slip space shall end 7 days thereafter. The seller is welcome to keep the boat in the marina in another slip on a pro-rata annual basis at regular price – space allowing. Alternatively, the boat can be brought to the Sales Lot location. Seller is responsible for the haul onto land but no other storage charges will accrue (April 1 – Nov 1).

4) All boats must be properly insured by owner while on premises.

5) Slip Contracts must be completed (no cost) and standard brokerage inventory forms must be completed so as to properly document equipment and contact information.

6) Sellers are required to inform LIMG 5 days prior to use so as to avoid scheduling conflicts with potential customers. In all cases – LIMG reserves the right to cancel a Seller’s use of vessel if an appointment to see the vessel is made with LIMG 24 hours prior to the desired day of use. These restrictions are in place to ensure that your boat benefits from maximum exposure among enough other boats that people are encouraged to come visit the “show”. Exceptions to the above requirements may be considered at the discretion of LIMG on a case by case basis. In the event that the vessel is not in its slip for a scheduled appointment or if the Seller exceeds what LIMG considers to be reasonable use of the the vessel – the Seller will be notified that the slip will no longer be free of charge and may have to be vacated.

**This is a promotional program that is open to all non-Britannia marina customers. Boats qualify for the program at the sole discretion of LIMG.
Call the sales office (631) 261-5464 or via email for more information and program details and requirements.

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